Lolipop bench (estrorama park)

The lollipop bench are part of estrorama park (initiative on designing urban environment)
The project design of this bench was the embodiment of inspiration from the elements and forms of furniture of the 18th - 20th century (from the sketches by thomas chippendale to unknown french craftsmen). The bench was designed in the spirit of ironic classics. six backs of antique chairs, "fused" into one decorative element were attached to the geometrically massive seat standing on 10 feet, with each representing a different style.
Design laboratory estrorama is aimed at adding a note of surrealism to our daily lives and at showing that there is always room for a little bit of magic in a megapolice.
One-colored lollipop bench
And promo
The lollipop bench and friends
From Russia with love
design by estrorama (Andrey Budko with Sergo Evseev)